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2020 Travel Nursing Recruitment Trends to Watch

Download the full report on the Travel Nursing Industry and apply feedback from nurses and agencies like you to your future recruitment efforts.

117 Nurses

Nurses, current travel nurses and previous travel nurses from across the country were polled to help us identify exactly which factors matter most to them when searching for a job.

48 Agencies

Agencies of all sizes, with different placement goals, and various ways of measuring success are consolidated into 5 top agency profiles to compare your agency too.

Learn about what matters most to nurses searching for a job.

Read about what nurses say is what they look for in new assignments and what makes them not want to work with recruiters.

How COVID-19 is disrupting the travel nursing industry.

Learn how to adjust to the trends and changes in demand surrounding COVID-19.

Learn exactly which platforms nurses are using when they search for a job.

Review the top channels where most nurses are starting their job search.

Why do 67% of agencies believe social media is the key?

Find out how agencies are using social media as the new recruitment channel.

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