Telemetry - Registered Nurse ::
Bangor, ME

Travel Nurse RN - Telemetry - $3,803 per week in Bangor, ME

Start: ASAP
Duration: 13 weeks
estimated $3,803 per week
Posted today

Telemetry - Registered Nurse

$3710 weekly gross! 

RTO Requests of 6 days or less with no holidays will be considered.

  • About Facility:
    • Bangor, ME
    • Level 2 Trauma Center
    • 411 Beds
    • COVID vaccine required
  • General Information:
    • Beds: (50) on Merritt 3; (10) Haskell 3
    • Minimum Experience: 2 years of Med/Tele experience – no exceptions
    • Will you accept a first-time traveler? No – no exceptions
  • Patient Types:
    • Travelers will routinely work between Merritt 3 (50 beds) and Haskell 3 (10 meds)
      • both units are considered one large Med/Tele department on the same floor with private and semi-private rooms
    • Medical:
      • CHF, Pneumonia, COVID, COPD, sepsis, cellulitis, GI Bleed, Chron’s, Vascular Gangrene, ETOH withdrawal, IVDA, etc.
    • Surgical:
      • Bariatric: Gastric Bypass, Gastric sleeve
      • Vascular Surgeries: carotid endarcterectomies, femoral endarcterectomies, amputations, AAA repair, peripheral artery bypass grafts  
      • Urology: TURP, cysto, cystectomy, penectomy, nephrectomy, ureteral stents,
      • General/GI: mastectomy, breast reduction; hemicolectomies, exploratory laps, bowel resection, cholecystectomy, colorectal surgeries; whipples
      • Ortho: total joint, ORIF, external fixation, Ortho Trauma
      • ENT: parotidectomy, neck dissection, and thyroidectomy
      • Plastics: muscle flaps, skin grafts
      • Neurosurgery: spinal fusions, laminectomies, craniotomies
  • Patient Ratios:
    • RN:
      • Day: 1:4-5
      • Night: 1:5-6
    • CNA:
      • Day: 1:10
      • Night: 1:10
  • Required Certifications:
    • BLS
    • basic EKG certification (ability to read/interpret cardiac rhythm strips)
  • Skills required:
    • Telemetry experience (Cardiac rhythm interpretation) – will not transport patient on Tele but must be able to verify/interpret strips on the unit
    • General post-surgical experience is a MUST
    • Ortho post-op (total joints, ORIF) experience is preferred, peripheral IV starts, tube feedings, TPN, Trach Care, Chest tubes, continuous bladder irrigation, drain management and removal (JP, Accordian), dressing changes, wound vacs
    • Comfortability to discontinue non-tunneled catheters, will wean patients off Epidural pump per order set, PCAs
    • Heparin Drips, Insulin Drips; NO cardiac drips or cardiac push meds
  • Support on the Unit:
    • CNA (Ratio: 1:10)
    • Charge nurse: typically free floating
    • Resource Nurse – Dayshift only, 7 days per week
    • RT
    • OT/PT/ST
    • Hospitalist/Surgeon
    • PA – assigned specifically to this unit 1900-0700; 7 days per week
    • Remote monitoring at nurses stations for Tele/SpO2
  • Technology/Equipment:
    • EMR: Cerner
    • IV pumps: Alaris
    • Medication dispensing: Pyxis
  • Floating: If yes, where?
    • Any other unit to care for patients within or below scope of practice
  • Orientation:
    • 2 Days of hospital orientation
    • 1 (12)h shift on unit
    • HealthStream/iCare modules must be completed prior taking patients
  • Scheduling:
    • Weekend rotation: every other; occasionally back-to-back weekends – flexibility is key
    • On call? No call
    • Holiday Expectations: as scheduled
    • RTO approval: Must be sent to Manager for approval
    • Shift times: 0700-1900; 1900-0700
    • Schedule cycle: 4 weeks at a time; will receive 2 weeks in advance
  • Other notes:
    • Scrub Color: Any color, must be professional
    • No crocs
    • No artificial nails
    • Parking: Free

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