Florida Still Needs Travel Nurses

travel nurse floridaThis time of year thoughts stray to sun and sand and, most of all, WARMTH! It is January and in the Northeast and Midwest many nurses are just plain sick of the cold and winter in general. Actually, it hasn’t been that bad in the Northeast but it’s still not summer.

Nurses interested in using their training and education as a means to escape this chilly season can look to travel nursing as a means of escape. But the winter is not the time to start thinking about it. Plan ahead and put yourself in a good position to get an assignment that you want in a warmer climate. begin contacting travel nurse agencies in the fall and let them know about your availability and where you would like to be assigned. That will give the recruiter time to line something up for you.

If you are interested in Florida, recent reports from the Florida Center for Nursing indicate that demand for services by travel nurses will likely continue to run high. That is because the survey results stated that “the current staffing situation is characterized by high vacancy and turnover rates, unmet need for budgeted positions and expectations of significant staffing growth” and that vacancy rates for RNs are over 9 percent.

You can read about the surveys and the continuing staffing challenge in the Sunshine State by checking out this article in the South Florida Business Journal.

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