Are Travel Nurses As Good As Staff Nurses?

Well here’s a question that may spark some debate. Are travel nurses as competent as staff nurses? That is a question raised during a news story about the nursing shortage in a California community. Commenting on the need for more part-time help and travel nurses to help alleviate the shortage one nurse stated, “Hopefully, the care they get from a traveling nurse is the same as regular staff.”

What do you think? If you are a staff nurse, do you think that travel nurses perform as well as they should? After all, they are being compensated pretty well for their services. And travel nurses, should there be any question about your competency?

Let us know your experience.


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  1. Some of the best nurses I have ever known have been travel nurses, and I personally tend to elevate them a bit in status from the typical staff nurses, as good as they are, that I have had the pleasure to have worked with.


    Sometimes staff nurses get in a rut. Then again, some travel nurses, so I have heard, prefer challenge to routine. But generally speaking travel nurses are the cream of the crop.

  2. Great feedback, shrimplate! Thanks for the comment. Good attitude and adapdability are key characteristics of a great travel nurse.

  3. I have a different perspective now that I’ve had the opportunity to travel. As a staff nurse for 13yrs, I had the misconception that travelers were overpaid,unmotivated, and noncommittal with mediocre skills at best. After finding myself in a situation that led to a temporary but long distance move from home, I now stand corrected. I took a position as a travel nurse for approximately two years and was very pleasantly suprised that ALL of my preconceived judgements about these wonderful nurses were way off(even the one about being overpaid, unfortunately). I now know that travelers have a vast array of skills, stories, and life experiences that truly make them an asset to any unit. I learned more during my tenure as a traveler- from other traveling nurses-than I did in my entire career as regular staff. I salute and thank every one of them that I had the honor and privilege to work with and learn from.

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