Do Travel Nurses Eat Their Young?

It is said by many that “nurses eat their young.” Is that the case with travel nurses? Not likely. Travel nurses, more than most, know what it is like to take a travel nurse assignment and then be thrown to the wolves, so to speak, a situation not unlike that experienced by many young or new nurses.

This blog post by a nursing student demonstrates the destructive approach of some nurses responsible for training and evaluation. The nursing student, in this case, is not a mere child but a 30-year old woman. Still she is chewed up and spit out by her evaluator.

I believe that travel nurses may have a very different attitude towards those who are learning or are new to the profession. When a nurse accepts a travel nurse job, co-workers must be depended on to help the nurse become familiar with procedures in the new surroundings. Most travel nurses with experience will tell you horror stories of being left high and dry simply because they were new or because they were viewed as an outsider. My sense is that travel nurses are more cooperative and supportive of others that have been in their position and that would include new nurses or nurses in training.

I’d be interested in your opinions and any stories to share.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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