Foreign Nurses: Solution or Scourge?

Can foreign nurses help alleviate the nursing shortage or will they simply contribute to the host of factors that are fueling the growing nursing crisis?

Jennifer Bunn, an RN writing for the blog Amateur Economist believes that, on the surface, importing nurses from other countries seems to be a practical approach to adressing the problem. But, Jennifer contends that if the core issues facing the healt care industry are not addressed then these nurses will simply fall prey to these factors and end up bailing also. In addition, Jennifer believes that foreign nurses will drive down wages and drive even more nurses from the profession.

Agree? Disagree? Do travel nurses contribute in any way to these issues? Are domestic travel nurses vulnerable to the same potentially negative influences as staff nurses?

Let us know.

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  1. One of the main causes of the nursing shortage is “monopoly capitalism” which has established itself in the USA and other nations.
    In “monopoly capitalism” capital is exported from a nation instead of the finished products produced by a nation’s own workers.
    What is capital?
    Capital is money, labor, and industry.
    In the case of nursing, labor is exported through the immigration to the USA of foreign nurses.
    “Monopoly capitalism” tends to destroy “true capitalism” which is characterized as having competition and free enterprise.
    “Monopoly capitalism” tends to concentrate both wealth and political power in a few individuals and entities.
    “True capitalism” tends to distribute both wealth and political power amongst the general electorate.
    “Monopoly capitalism” tends to impoverish the general citizenry (nurses in this instance).
    Marixist economic theorists assert that , under capitalism, a profession that requires a lot of training and that,is at the same time, very unpleasant (such as nursing)naturally demands very high wages (under free enterprise and competiton). However, capitalists attempt to maintain low wages and poor working conditions by “monopolyzing” the labor market by various means (such as the importation of foreign nurses) while, at the same time, using intimidation and coercion against the labor market (nurses) to thwart any attempt at reform.
    These Marxist theorists assert that the same, eventually, results in severe labor shortages (such as that is occuring now in nurisng).

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