Got a Pulse? You’re Hired!

“We hire every nurse who submits an application. The problem is very serious and I do not see it improving.”

This astonishing statement was made by a hospital CEO within a survey sponsored by the Council on Physician and Nurse Supply. The 2007 National Physician and Nurse Supply Survey contains some jarring but predictable results about the state of health care staffing in the U.S. The attitude by hospital administrators is downright pessimistic and when a CEO admits that all they are looking for is a warm body with certification then that doesn’t bode well for patients.

Check out the survey results here. It is seriously unnerving even when your eyes are wide open about the nursing crisis.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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  1. Word to all those republican free-market-worshipping knuckleheaded policy wonks: more money equals more nurses.

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