If It Gets Any Worse I’ll Become a Travel Nurse

I came across a blog post by a first year RN who has some serious issues with the demands that her hospital employer is placing on the nursing staff. Her frustration is so high that she is considering becoming a travel nurse based on the assumption that it has to be better than what she is expected to do in her current position. You’ll have to read her post because there are too many things to cover here.

As hard as it is to find qualified RNs, you would think that hospitals would become more interested in the working conditions and satisfaction of the nursing staff rather than trying to see how far they can push them. There are far too many opportunities out there for good nurses to allow themselves to be abused by out-of-touch hospital management. Some things never change.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been an in hospital nurse for 22 years and now want to travel. Suggestions would help me considerably.

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