Tips on finding the best travel nursing jobs and best travel nurse companies (Part I)

There is a sea of travel nurse companies out there all offering their version of the best travel nursing jobs in America. Most agencies try to lure in prospective nurses by touting higher than normal wages, exciting geographic locations or an array of exotic promises that end up broken. These are the agencies that give the best travel nurse agencies a bad name. Here are some tips to help you avoid such unscrupulous travel nurse agencies.

1. Become Educated a. Make sure you research the company before making a decision. Ask to see references, check out reviews from other travel nurses. Even talk to hospitals. You’ll be glad you did!

2.  Have outlined expectations

a.   Know what you want going into a negotiation. Have a clear idea of where you want to go, how       much you want to make, and what type of travel nursing position you are looking for. Having this outlined prior to talking with the travel nurse agency will help keep you more focused on your professional goals.

3.   Be Diligent; stay on your toes.

a.  Its important never to assume anything when dealing with travel nurse agencies. You need to clarify everything! Is housing paid for? Am I eligible for health insurance? What is the completion bonus? Get everything in writing. Even if the attempt is sincere prepare yourself in case of a mistake.

By keeping on your toes and doing your due diligence you can rest assured that have found one of the best travel nursing companies that is going to give you the respect and opportunity you deserve. Finally make sure you use a trusted service like Travel Nurse to help introduce you to your next prequalified travel nurse agency.

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  1. Yes, be sure to check out the agency you use and do yourself a great favor, CALL THE HOSPITAL!!!! I had an assignement and when I got there, I found that they had never hired me!!! Yes, it is true. Unbelieveable, I know. Think how I felt.

  2. Anna Lee,

    That must have been unbelievable! I hope that the agency rectified the situation and placed you in a viable position. If not, cross them off your list!

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