There’s A Killer On The Loose!

I just came across this blog and I love that it introduces another travel nurse who breaks the mold and demonstrates what a varied and interesting group travel nurses really are.

“Killer” posts his thoughts on his blog at “Killer Rants.” Check out his photo. He looks like a killer…or a biker…or someone that you would not want to confront without a lot of reinforcements available. But read his blog entries and see what a thoughtful and articulate person is behind the hulking and intimidating facade.

So add another one to the list. A truly unique character among the ranks of travel nurses. Kind of makes you proud to be part of a group populated by such interesting people. I am going to add this blog to my blog roll.

Check out Killer Rants.

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  1. Hey, thats me. Thanks for the plug. I personally only know of one other nurse with a blog, and he is a fellow travel nurse, and a fellow large male nurse.

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