Travel Nurse Tax Tips

At the recent Travel Medical Professionals Convention in Las Vegas, there were many interesting and useful presentations. One that seemed particularly helpful was the presentation by Joseph Smith of Travel Tax, LLC. Joe’s company provides support for medical professionals and others whose profession or vocation takes them away from there permanent home for extended periods of time.

I know that many travel nurses travel for the opportunity to increase their income. It seems only logical that each travel nurse should maximize their revenue by leveraging the specific allowances made for those in traveling positions. By the same token, nurses should make sure that they don’t make assumptions about what is and is not permitted by the IRS when it comes to traveling assignments.

I would advise any travel nurse to be sure to consult with a tax expert before preparing taxes. Joseph Smith has a medical traveler background and seems particularly qualified to lend his expertise. If not Travel Tax, LLC then check with someone that can give you sound guidance.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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