Travel Nursing in a Tough Economy (cont’d)

As far as I can tell, there is no one that is not concerned about the current economic crisis and the impact that it will have on their job or profession. Travel nursing is no exception.

As I’ve searched around to see what the consensus is about the impact of this economy on travel nursing I’ve determined that there is no consensus. As evidenced by this post at, there are various opinions and experiences out in the field right now, some positive and some negative.

An article on about travel nursing in a slow economy paints a pretty rosy picture. Then again, the blog is managed by a travel nursing agency so it is in their best interest to stay positive.

A TV station in Peoria, IL posted an article about the ongoing demand for nurses with the overriding theme of “if you are a nurse you will always have a job.”

My feeling is that there will be some slowdown based on declining hospital census. Many elective procedures are being postponed and other factors, such as government disapproval of procedures through Medicaid and Medicare will affect patient populations. But given the enormous nursing shortage that already exist and the continually aging population, nursing and travel nurse opportunities will slow down but continue to abound.

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