Travel Your Way To Tax Deductions

Even though we are a long way off from tax time now is the time to insure that you have a system in place to track deductible expenses and make sure that you qualify for the maximum allowable deductions as a travel nurse.

Travel nursing provides opportunities to deduct expenses that would not otherwise be deductible. The primary qualification (but not the only qualification) is that you maintain a primary or permanent residence other than the residence you maintain for your travel assignment. Once this is established you can begin deducting expenses that the IRS deems related to your work assignment.

Here are a couple articles that provide an overview of the qualifications and available tax benefits for travel nurses. One is at and the other is at

I hope that this gives you the incentive to take a hard look at your finances and make sure that you are making every effort to get what the government wants to give you. The feds don’t hesitate to take what they view as theirs so you shouldn’t hesitate to do likewise.

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