Sutter Center For Psychiatry

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Sutter Center For Psychiatry


Number of Beds 69
Walkthrough State NO
Compact State NO
State License Fee $149
License Wait Time 4-6 weeks
Temporary License $50
License Website
State Hourly $43.68 (non-traveler)
State Annual $57,840 (non-traveler)
National Hourly $33.23
National Annual $69,110


1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
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Temperature info
Homes with children


Homicides (per 10,000)
Rapes (per 10,000)
Assaults (per 10,000)
Robberies (per 10,000)
Average commute times
Average age

7700 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 386-3000




Dsiturbing and Depressing

This facility is disturbing and depressing from the inside out. It is poorly run and poorly organized. There is a significant turnover rate and fluctuation in staff which creates instability and lack of continuity in patient care. It is highly questionable as to who is working at a reduced mental capacity; the staff or the patients. The medical staff here are definitely not the top brass. Moreover, they are starved for positivity and can be easily patronized. If a patient rattles off some half-hearted compliments, the staff laps it up like a puppy drinking milk. The male and female quarters are open, unmonitored, and easily accessed by anyone. Staff supervision of patients is poor. There is a history of sexual harassment and sexual assault at this facility. Don't just take my word for it. Google it. There is no policy or protocol for filing complaints. Any concerns about inappropriate behavior is laughed off by the facility's administration as, "Boys will be boys." The classes they offer are comically taught by inexperienced twenty-somethings who are “slumming” it here before pursuing their graduate work elsewhere. These classes mimic that of what you would find in a junior high family life class. ("What is self-esteem?") They do drugs very well; however. Most of the patients wander around the facility in a drug-induced zombie-like state or they are just plain bed-ridden and incoherent. Every morning the patients gather at the drug closet to get their morning "hit" like Pavlov's dogs salivating to the sound of a bell. Visiting family members are not allowed to visit for very long nor are they allowed to provide comfort of any kind including basic necessities. It's as if the staff are concerned that a patient might improve in the presence of their family members and that this might lead to a shorter stay and less expensive bill/less profit. Sutter Center for Psychiatry is nothing more than a prescription drug party and a human parking garage masked as a mental health facility. Patients with even a minimal level of education and intelligence will only suffer here.


The most traumatizing and damaging experience of my life.

Let me start by stating that I hold a master's degree from UC Davis and that I am highly educated, intelligent, and accomplished individual. When I teared up regarding an upcoming cancer treatment at an office visit appointment with my Sutter doctor, Crystal Blankenship, she put me on a 5150 hold. (Yes, folks, it is that easy to end up in a place like Sutter Center for Psychiatry (SCP).) My ordeal from there was a highly traumatizing nightmare. I was transported to the local hospital where a SCP spokeswoman, named Chi, refused to listen to my perspective and literally walked away from me mid-conversation. I was then transported to SCP where I was sexually harassed by another patient, strip-searched, degraded, and utterly and completely humiliated. The intake nurse at SCP told me not to show any emotion as this could be used against me to extend my stay at the facility. I fought back tears to the point of nearly passing out. I feared for my life during my entire stay which was two agonizing days. I was unable to sleep or eat while I was at SCP which put my poor cancer-stricken body through unnecessary stress and trauma. Once released, I filed multiple grievances with SCP and the Sutter Health System. Sutter responded by stating that my stay was justified and that my doctor had made the right decision. Since my ordeal, I have been unable to seek medical care for cancer because I am so fearful of going through something like this again. I have regular nightmares to point where I wake up crying in a cold sweat. I have lost weight as I have difficult time now eating due to the trauma of an event synonymous with arrest and incarceration. Dr. Blankenship, who ordered the 5150, and Sutter Center for Psychiatry are well aware of my current health state but have not shown me any compassion or concern. Dr. Crystal Blankenship even tried to dismantle my YELP review of her on Yelp as her concern is apparently for her own reputation and not for my welfare. Most concerning, I am in debt now over $1,600 from this ordeal and cannot afford cancer treatment. I beg anyone reading this review to avoid Sutter Center for Psychiatry.

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