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1740 W Taylor St, #1400
Chicago, IL 60612


Number of Beds 426

Walkthrough State NO

Compact State NO

State License Fee $50

License Wait Time n/a

Temporary License $25

License Website Visit

State Hourly $32.31 (non-traveler)

State Annual $57,840 (non-traveler)

National Hourly $33.23

National Annual $69,110





Studio (Rent)


One Bedroom (Rent)


Two Bedroom (Rent)






Homicides (per 10,000)


Rapes (per 10,000)


Assaults (per 10,000)


Robberies (per 10,000)


Temperature Info

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October 04, 2014

by Anonymous

This is a great hospital to work for.

The staff is caring and committed to high quality patient care.

October 29, 2013

by Anonymous

This was a teaching facility so residents were always available if needed.

I would receive report from night shift. I would then look at the infant's MARs to see when their meds were needed to be given. I would do an assessment on each infant, give meds, suction through the ET Tube PRN, bathe, change linens, and turn the infants. There may be some infants that were not so critical that may have needed NG/po feedings, so I would have fed them. If parents were available, I would ask if they had any questions. If needed, they would speak to the resident or I would help them and if needed and do some education. There may be an admission throughout the day, so I would chart on the infants as soon as possible, so not to get behind. I can not say anything about the management since I worked there so long ago and don't rermember anything. The hardest part of the job was seeing the premies with multiple anomalies and not surviving. The parents were devastated.

September 04, 2013

by Anonymous

Excellent opportunities

Great diverse place to work at with numerous avenues to advance. Hard to get into this State run job.