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Cancer Treatment Center

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2408 E 81st St
Tulsa, OK 74137


Number of Beds 40

Walkthrough State NO

Compact State NO

State License Fee $85

License Wait Time 14 days

Temporary License $10

License Website Visit

State Hourly $26.99 (non-traveler)

State Annual $57,840 (non-traveler)

National Hourly $33.23

National Annual $69,110





Studio (Rent)


One Bedroom (Rent)


Two Bedroom (Rent)






Homicides (per 10,000)


Rapes (per 10,000)


Assaults (per 10,000)


Robberies (per 10,000)


Temperature Info

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December 09, 2014

by Anonymous

Productive workplace lacking sufficient human connection

A typical day at work consists of coming in early in the morning, gathering the front office employees and briefing them about what needs to be accomplished during the course of the day. I then sit down at my desk and begin to audit the bills for the previous week's hospital visits made by our Medical Director as well as the office visits and IV infusions. After lunch, I check the status of the daily goals and manage the front office while the other employees take lunch. The Medical Director and I meet mid-afternoon and I brief him on what the team has accomplished thus far and he briefs me on new developments. Following this, I brief the rest of the team and we continue to work. I continue auditing until I leave. I have learned a great deal, of which nothing may be more important than clear, direct communication amongst a team to achieve desired results. As we see a lot of our patients expire, I have also learned that I desire a more intimate and productive connection with human beings while we are all alive. The Medical Director of our practice is very demanding and persistent so that naturally instills a sense of urgency amongst all employees. My co-workers are very kind people and our relationship is mostly professional. The hardest part of the job for me is sufficient human connection and interaction, or lack thereof. The most enjoyable part of the job is achieving goals, speaking with the patients in the waiting room, and being part of a team.

January 01, 2014

by Anonymous

Amazing place to be

I was a nursing student there, but it's the most amazing and wonderful place I've ever worked at. I can't say enough and If they offered me a job now - I would take it in a heart beat.