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Clarion Psychiatric Center

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2 Hospital Dr
Clarion, PA 16214


Number of Beds 52

Walkthrough State NO

Compact State NO

State License Fee $100

License Wait Time n/a

Temporary License $35

License Website Visit

State Hourly $32.28 (non-traveler)

State Annual $57,840 (non-traveler)

National Hourly $33.23

National Annual $69,110





Studio (Rent)


One Bedroom (Rent)


Two Bedroom (Rent)






Homicides (per 10,000)


Rapes (per 10,000)


Assaults (per 10,000)


Robberies (per 10,000)


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April 27, 2017

by Morgan

Torture Center

- I strongly recommend not going to Clarion Psychiatric Center. Not being sick but rather staying in Clarion Psychiatric Center was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I literally had nightmares of being sent back there. I felt and still feel that Clarion Psychiatric Center was a low security prison. There are so many rules and they take away your freedom. I cried there every day. The treatment was nowhere worth the stay. There is very little I wouldn’t have done if it meant I didn’t go to Clarion Psychiatric Center. - I barely saw the doctors. I didn’t see any the first day. I saw a physician and a physiatrist for no more that 15 minutes with each doctor once per day. The same treatment could be handled by a physician or a psychiatrist in outpatient help - Certain items had to be earned through a point reward system. I didn’t get enough points in one week to earn hair conditioner. - Some of what little amount of cloths I had that fit the dress were threatened to be taken away from me as a punishment. - They strip almost all your items. You can have almost nothing (including electronics) - You rarely get visitors and even when it’s supervised in an open cafeteria where everyone else met their visitors. Visitors were allowed on two different days totaling 3 hours a week, immediate family only, no one under 12, only two visitors at a time and no one can bring anything in. The say you can request special visitation but they say they say they cannot accommodate it. - The only outside I saw in a whole week was a small closed in court yard I could see out the window from the cafeteria and the only time you could go out there was on the short smoke breaks when the courtyard was filled with cigarette smoke. - The staff made fun of patients with problems. - The Clarion Psychiatric Center messed up my epilepsy medicine, which I almost wasn’t allowed to have, which caused me to have a seizure which I haven’t had one in years, after they said they couldn’t call my neurologist to consult because they had 65 other beds of patients to care for. I didn’t’ get to go to the hospital or have the medicine I am to take after a seizure if I ever have one. - There weren’t enough pillows for everyone. - The showers were cold. - No one announced when it was time to go to breakfast or other meals and there were no clocks in the patient rooms to set an alarm to wake up for breakfast. - They are also more unfortunate events which happened at Clarion Psychiatric Center but we will leave it at that. I would rate Clarion Psychiatric Center negative infinity stars if I could.