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Brooke Army Medical Center

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3851 Roger Brooke Dr
San Antonio, TX 78234


Number of Beds 226

Walkthrough State NO

Compact State YES

State License Fee $200

License Wait Time n/a

Temporary License n/a

License Website Visit

State Hourly $32.49 (non-traveler)

State Annual $57,840 (non-traveler)

National Hourly $33.23

National Annual $69,110





Studio (Rent)


One Bedroom (Rent)


Two Bedroom (Rent)



San Antonio



Homicides (per 10,000)


Rapes (per 10,000)


Assaults (per 10,000)


Robberies (per 10,000)


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August 12, 2012

by Anonymous

I was contracted there, so not part of the military machine

I was most definitely an outcast as I was not military. I did not know the rules going into the game and therefore broke a few inadvertently at the beginning. I wish someone would have just told me the military way of doing things up front, because I lost my credibility by behavior I thought was friendly, but not military.I must say that the survivors of traumatic brain injury were first considered malingerers and maybe just maybe they might actually be suffering from their TBI. God forbid they have PTSD! That just doesn't exist in the military! They are all just malingerers and the goal is to get them out of here! They didnt have any real wounds like the Intrepid warriors. No burn scars; no lost limbs. You could not SEE their pain. It was a difficult place to help our wounded warriors with the doctors and nurses sabotaging their efforts to get well.

July 15, 2012

by Anonymous

Counseling experience is tremendous.

My job is a rewarding experience.There are challenges and gainful professional development since my employment. All my peers have been supportive and understanding especially since I am new, The work conditions are outstanding.

July 09, 2012

by Anonymous

Productive and Demanding

A demanding jod that yielded rewards if job was accomplished. A typical day would be to see patients, manage staff and resolve there issues. Prepare supply request and equipment maitenance