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February 04, 2021

by Gracie Keim


I am a seasoned travel nurse. In 15 years have never met a stronger team! Go Lexi!!! Lexi is the finest recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Credentialing can be stressful but Nick is the finest. He is calm cool and collected at all times. They stand tall and dont fall, they have my back no matter what. LOVE them

April 19, 2018

by Jude


Mr Neumah was adept and quite helpful in guiding me related to the job I was applying for. Be blessed Jude RN

March 15, 2018

by Krisann Nelson


I have had a fantastic experience with this company! My recruiter, George, is the BEST! Not only did he work hard to get me the assignment that I wanted, he has kept in touch with me throughout my assignment. He is always checking in to make sure that things are going well and if I need anything from him. He is extremely friendly and professional. I really feel like he cares. I can tell he really loves what he does! This has been my first travel assignment, and I will never go with a different recruiter! Thanks, George, and Cocentric, for a great travel experience!

March 10, 2018

by Jo


George has been an AWESOME recruiter. This is my first contract with Concentric and he has made it a smooth process. He is honest, trustworthy and professional. I fell he truly has my back. You are a Rock Star George!!!

January 12, 2018

by Louethel Campbell

Registered Nurse

BEST RECRUITER I'VE HAD in my many Travel Nurse Assignments!! I Louethel B Campbell (MS.LU) is writing to give George the Ultimate Praise. Since I been with Concentric I can truly say I enjoy communicating with him in all that may come up in my assignment. He is so jovial and professional. Its truly hard work at SouthEast Medical, but with all that said and done if I need some advice and need to talk he is truly the best Recruiter I dealt with. Thank You George for being the BEST RECRUITER I've ever had. Yours Truly MS.LU
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About Concentric Healthcare Staffing


Guaranteed Hours: Yes
JCAHO Certified: Yes
3 Words to Describe your Competitive Advantage: Family, Fair & Professional

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance Provided: Yes
First-Day Health Insurance: Yes
Professional Liability Insurance: Yes
Coverage Between Assignments: Yes

Financial Benefits

Licensing Reimbursement: Yes
CEU Reimbursement: Yes
Flexible Payment Options: Yes
Pay for Physical Exams: Yes
Pay for Drug Testing: Yes

Housing/Travel Benefits

Housing Provided: Yes
Housing Stipend: Yes
Flexible Housing or Furniture Options: Yes
Rental Car or Stipend: Yes
Cover Travel Expenses to the Assignment: Yes


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