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A Network of Healthcare Facilities Are Looking For You

Our commitment to you is dedicating our focused resources and time into finding you the type of job you want in the location you want. Partnering with Healthcare Starz will be your best resource for uncovering the highest paying Travel and Local Assignments in Nursing, Allied Health, Rehab, and Interim Management/Executive Positions.

Posting your resume online or sending your resume directly to jobs you see on the internet is a way of the past.  Healthcare Starz Has A Better Way.

  • First, we talk to each other and establish an open and honest dialogue about what you and/or your family’s needs are.

  • Next, we work with you to assess what types of facilities and work environments your skills would fit best in.

  • We then discuss an overview of where the best Travel and Local Assignments are that fit the locations you're looking for.

  • We then help educate you on what the market is paying for your specific skill set, taking into account your level of experience and any advanced education and certifications you may have. Our team will then commit itself to finding you a position that matches what you are looking for....  Unlike other companies, we don't try to talk you into jobs that do not meet your goals. 

  • We work tirelessly for you and do everything we can to get you into the location and type of Travel Assignment you are seeking.
  • Finally, we will ask your permission to submit your profile to those jobs you wish to interview for. And, the best part is that all of our services are free to you with no obligation.

  • You can feel free to use our senior executive, Monte Kasten's 15 years of experience in the industry to help you make the best choice for your Travel Assignment.
  • If you're a First Time Traveler, don't be nervous because we've got you covered there as well. We've worked with 100's of First Time Travelers over the years and we will help and coach you through all the steps you need to take to become a Happy and Successful Traveler.  No Question is Dumb from our perspective so feel free to ask whatever is on your mind.
  • We are very grateful for all of the travelers who currently work with us and those who've partnered with us over the years.  When you choose to take an assignment with Monte Kasten and Healthcare Starz, you can count on being treated like a friend and member of our family.  Not once, not twice, but every single time you interact with us.  We believe that you're more than just a number...and we will always make you feel special when you work with us.

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Healthcare Starz Reviews




I happily spent the last 15 years of my career in travel nursing & had the opportunity to compare multiple agencies. I worked in the States & in the Virgin Islands for Monte. I can tell you without hesitation, I would trust my kids with him. He is one of the most honest businessmen I know. It is as simple as that.
From first contact, he listens to what is important to YOU in a travel assignment.... & the things that are in his control.... like housing, salary, location: he delivers. He expects the same. If there are issues, he addresses them & no BS doublespeak when it comes to what he tells you his role is. In short, he walks the talk.
I have referred many friends to Monte over the years especially 1st time travelers! & guess what? They are still my friends ;)
I just retired from 40 years in ER Nursing. (Still feels strange to say that). I've known Monte for 15 years. I think the old saying "Truth stands the test of time" could be applied here.
Thank you Monte, for some AMAZING travel gig adventures!!!
Feel free to email me. Travel nurse stories are the best!!!



I'm new to the travel industry and am on my second assignment. Monte Kasten of Healthcare Starz came highly recommended to me from an RN on my first assignment. I can't say enough about Monte! Choosing Monte Kasten with Healthcare Starz was by far the best decision I could have made. Monte is a true professional in this industry and was able to get me the exact assignment that I was looking for! Monte goes above & beyond to get his clients the best rates, accommodations, and contracts based on one's particular skill set. I've talked to many different recruiters in the industry and I've found personally that Monte isn't just another recruiter out to meet a quota. Monte is the "real deal" and cares about my personal needs and circumstances. If you want a recruiter who really takes a personal interest and one that you can trust, it would be Monte Kasten. Monte is a good Christian man whom I've found that I can trust that he will do everything he can for me, and I've found that this is a man whom I can call my friend! How many recruiters out there in this industry would take their own personal time to talk to you beyond regular work hours even late at night to discuss any professional or personal concerns you have? Monte Kasten is not just another healthcare recruiter. He cares about his people and he means a great deal to me!



Monte at Healthcarestarz is amazing!
Came highly recommended and he has lived up to all my expectations. After interviewing multiple companies, Healthcare starz was hands down the only choice. Monte is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring. He takes the time to get to know his travelers, to find them the best positions with the best compensation. He is easy to contact and goes the extra mile for his staff. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Monte and Healthcare Starz!!
Thank you Monte for all you do for us!



It took Monte 3 yrs of calls for us to finally get the chance to work together on a travel assignment. Monte does what he say's he will do and he has been available when I needed him. I feel that I have found not only a partner for traveling but also a friend. I would recommend to anyone from 1st timer to veteran traveler that Monte will do his best to make the experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.
Thanks Monte for your time!



I have been an RN for longer than I care to remember. Besides having nursed in South Africa, the UK , Israel and all over the USA with many different recruiting companies in the US, I found that many companies offer an array of enticing benefits etc. The test of a really good recruiting company is when things go belly up whether they will back you up. Monte and I go back a long way. He saw me through some difficult times and gave me the benefit of the doubt. There is no other company that will go the extra mile to support you. Monte and Todd epitomize professionalism and integrity -something which is often very hard to find in the industry. There are many travel companies out there, so be careful. You want to find a company that has your back - no matter what. It is reassuring to know that wherever your travel assignment is, Monte is just a phone call away and that is something you cannot put a dollar value on!
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15715 South Dixie Highway
Suite 334
Miami, FL 33157


Benefits Offered

Health Insurance Provided: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes
Licensing Reimbursement: Yes
Housing Provided: Yes
Housing Stipend: Yes
Flexible Housing or Furniture Options: Yes
Reimbursement for CEUs: Yes
Retirement Options: Yes
Flexible Payment Options: Yes
Rental Car or Stipend: Yes
Pay for Physical Exams: Yes
Pay for Drug Testing: Yes
Coverage Between Assignments: Yes
Guaranteed Hours: Yes
Travel Expenses: Yes