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Hannah Bryant, Talent Acquisition Manager at Atlas MedStaff, has 7 years of experience in healthcare recruiting. She prides herself on going above and beyond to ensure her nurses have a great experience on all of their assignments with Atlas! Before settling in Nebraska, Hannah also lived in Colorado and Wisconsin. She spends her free time chasing after 4 kids (Delilah-11, Asa-9, Brody-8 and Amelia-4 mos), a couple dogs, a cat and some reptiles (she doesn’t really chase after the reptiles though, she much prefers them in their cages where they belong!!). For fun, Hannah pretends to have a green thumb, although the rabbits often beat her to the fruits of her labor! Hannah also enjoys cooking, camping and doing DIY projects she finds on Pinterest. My Bucket List Take my family to Disney World Travel Europe (KID FREE) Own a property with “land” Survive “the tweenage years” with her 11 year old (going on 30) Learn to surf (chances of this one happening are pretty slim) Favorite Quote “The Mad Hatter: Have I gone Mad? Alice: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” – Lewis Carroll

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Atlas MedStaff believes in family values and the power of friendship.

We support you with our team that has over three decades of experience . You’re our top priority. That’s why we build lifelong friendships and create a culture of family. We understand the stresses of today’s healthcare industry can overwhelm you, let us be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’ve never traveled as a nurse before or you’re a travel nursing veteran, you’ll get our utmost attention and support, no matter what. We commit ourselves to finding your ideal travel assignment because that is what a good friend does. Our dedication places you in the best position.

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by Chuck FIsackerly


I can't even begin to describe how much I absolutely LOVE working with Hannah. She is a consummate professional, but is also great fun just to chat with. She has always surpassed my expectations when setting up housing, my safety and comfort never once being in question. She will go out of her way to match your wants and needs with facilities that will value you as an asset, not just another body.

by Becky


Hannah is by far the best recruiter I have worked with, out of almost 10 years as a travel nurse. She has always had a job ready for me when I'm ready for the next contract. If I ever have any problems she is available to me, and takes care of the issue quickly. She is very personable, friendly, professional, and wonderful at her job. I feel like I can pick up the phone at anytime ( and I do) and talk to her about anything. I cannot imagine a better recruiter, ever. I honestly say as long as she's a recruiter, I will be working with her.

by Yolanda


Hannah is FABULOUS!!! She is by far the best recruiter I have worked with. Hannah has been very helpful with all aspects of helping me with jobs. Interviews have been set up quickly after being submitted and I haven't had any problems with job placement. Anytime I need to speak with her about anything she is always available. I have worked with Hannah about three years now and I feel like she is not just my recruiter but my friend as well. I know she takes great care of her nurses. Just also wanted to say that there has been many mornings that she has helped getting me home from work with those early morning chats. Thank you Hannah , I appreciate you more than you know.

by Monica

best ever!

Hannah is one of the best recruiters I've ever had the pleasure of working with! She reached out to me with a potential position and within 15 minutes had an interview set up! Excellent job and area with great pay and benefits.
Throughout the 13 weeks she was always available and quick to answer any questions or fix any problems.
Although I'm not with her for my next assignment I can't wait to work with her again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hannah and Atlas Medstaff to fellow travelers looking for an honest, hardworking recruiter and company.

by Crystal Phares


Hannah is fantastic! She always goes above and beyond to make the transition to each assignment go smoothly. I never understand when other travelers mention how they cannot get ahold of their recruiter or are unhappy with their company, because Hannah makes herself

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How long does it take to get licensed in other states? Is it difficult?
Hi Cindy, if you've already completed your initial licensure by examination, from now on all your future licenses will be processed via endorsement. The endorsement process and length differs from state to state. Some states, like LA, AZ and SC have a "walk thru" license which allows you to physically go to the board and walk out with a temp permit to practice the same day. others like CA take about 8-10 weeks. Is there a specific state you were interested in? The state specific BON website will usually tell you or a quick google search will pull up a list of processing times for each state :)
Does the wage listed include the amount of the housing stipend, or is the stipend a separate amount?
Hi Joy, it would help if you could provide the specific package or numbers you were quoted, that would give me a better idea of whether or not stipends and per diems were included...however, your agency should be breaking down these numbers for you as the IRS doesn't allow that tax free allotment to be considered your part of your wage. These amounts are decided by a government agency called the GSA and are based off the location and cost of living in a certain area. They're to be used for eligible expenses as outlined by the IRS but in the travel industry they do make up a sizeable portion of your weekly net so these amounts are important to take into consideration when looking at your overall package :) If you can provide the package you were quoted I'd be more than happy to help you figure out how they're breaking it down :)