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I have over 13 years of experience as a Recruiter, very seasoned Recruiter. I have worked with Next Medical Staffing for over 11 years now I started out doing locum perdiem staffing and moved quickly into Travel Nurse Recruiting. I have placed RN's & NP's including Physician Assistants nationwide. We also staff the Indian Health Services and Veteran's facilities.

I have always maintained excellent relationships with my travelers.

As a company we want to know why you want to travel is it for the money or location? My main goal is to keep the traveler happy and long term.

I can be reached anytime by my office line until 5pm eastern after 5 pm it transfers to my cell phone.


Next Travel Nursing

Miamisburg, OH

Next Travel Nursing is a Top 10, Joint Commission-certified travel nurse staffing agency that partners with premier healthcare facilities across the country to match the right nurse with the right job.

At Next, we understand that strong nurse-recruiter relationships aren't easy to come by but believe they're totally essential. Each of our recruiters is specialty focused, so he or she will have a deeper understanding of your nursing specialty. We even let travelers choose the recruiter they want to work with rather than blindly assigning the recruiter to them. 

Our goal is to make everything before, during, and after your travel assignment feel effortless. We accomplish this by building relationships with our nurses, offering amazing service, and providing platinum-level benefits. 

So get matched with the perfect recruiter... It will lead to the perfect assignment! 

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by Shannon McConnell

Best Recruiter Ever

Terri has been my recruiter for quite a while now. She knows how to handle my twisted self probably better than anybody. If I call her with a problem, it's handled. If I call her with a compliment, it's appreciated. She ALWAYS gets me what I want or close enough to make me happy. I always have access to her should I need her. I never have to worry that a problem will arise that won't be handled with her. AMAZING RECRUITER!!!

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