Tom Enterline

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I have been in Healthcare Staffing for over four years. My goal is to help you find comfortable Travel Contracts throughout the country, keeping you happy while on assignment, all while reaching your financial goals. Please feel free to contact me anytime!




by Nicole Vonallmen


Tom is seriously the best!!! I was fortunate enough to get into contact with him and ever since then he has done everything in his power to help me with my assignments. I am so happy with him and this company. I will not go anywhere else for an assignment. Nobody is as good as him. He's amazing! I appreciate everything he had accomplished for me!

by Calin Cook


Tom is seriously the BEST!! I have worked with a different company with every single assignment (6 total, not including extensions) and I found Tom and will definitely stick with him!! So many different places to go for NICU, amazing pay, not pushy (which is huge for me), and will do anything to get you what you want!! Hands down one of the best out there!! If you are looking for a new company or recruiter, pick Tom!! I can't wait for many more assignments with this company and the best recruiter😊

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