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I've been in the Staffing Industry for around 5 years now. I started at Fusion Medical back in March of 2016 as a Nurse Recruiter and boy, I'm sure glad I did! I have found my life long career doing something that I truly enjoy each and everyday!

My nurses all receive a personalized experience throughout the entire time that they're traveling with me. It's my passion to build life long relationships, provide guidance and support while having a blast doing it!!

Here are my promises to each and every one of my travelers:

1. I will ALWAYS respond the second I get your call, text or email, as long as I'm not sleeping or in a meeting ;) 

2. I promise to always be honest with you. If I don't think the assignment would traveler friendly or it's unsafe. I will tell you. If I think that a hospital/ location would be a good (or bad) fit for you, I will be honest with you and tell you why.

3. I will NEVER push you to do something that you don't want to. 

4. I will always have your back.

5. You are not "just a number" and I will always treat you with respect. 

If you're looking for a Recruiter who is 100% real, a Recruiter who will openly tell you her faults and her strengths, , a Recruiter who truly appreciates you for everything that you do... you've found your girl! 

Please reach out to me, let's chat! I'm so excited to help you on your next adventure! :)


Fusion Medical Staffing

Omaha, NE

We’re the medical staffing company that’s going to launch you into the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Wherever you want to go, Fusion can help get you there.

We specialize in placing RN’s, LPN’s, radiology technicians, pathologists’ assistants, medical lab technologists, histotechnicians, physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists in full-time traveling positions at hospitals, clinics, and skilled nursing facilities all over the country.

We're picky. We admit it—and we think that’s more than ok. We’re not out to get every healthcare professional on the books—we’re looking for remarkable talent to match the best career opportunities. Our number one priority to ensure that, as a top-notch medical professional, your assignment goes as smooth as possible. Whether you are just starting your traveling journey or a seasoned traveler, we give you all of the tools and resources you need to be successful.

When it comes to travel staffing companies, you have a lot of choices. Here are just a few benefits you will receive when you chose Fusion:

Housing options. We give you choices. Want to maximize your tax-free money? Take the housing stipend. Don't want to take housing into your own hands? We'll find it for you—no problem. Our housing division is one of the best!

Top-of-the-line insurance. We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for you and your family. If you decide to take some time off between assignments, you will stay insured up to 3 weeks.

Referral bonus. Send someone our way! When they work at Fusion for 6 weeks, you'll receive a $500 bonus.

Travel reimbursement. Get $.50 per mile up to $300.00 to and from your assignment.

With Fusion, you choose your own adventure.

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by Richael Jean Pantig


I was looking to find another recruiter to go with since I wasn’t really comfortable with my first recruiter. A lot of people were raving about jess on Facebook, so I took a chance and messaged her! Jess was very professional and honest with me. She cared to ask my needs and wants with my next assignment! I haven’t had any problems with fusion. Jess answers all my questions and concerns!

by Chelsee


I was referred to Jess by another traveling nurse when I was in Arizona and she always spoke very highly of her; thankfully she lived up to the hype! Jess is caring and compassionate but not pushy. I never felt overwhelmed or used or ignored. I don't communicate very frequently but she would always check in to make sure I was still doing okay! Even after I had to (reluctantly) switch companies in order to get a job in a specific location, she checked in on me to make sure everything worked out and reminded me not to let people rip me off :) nice to know I am still cared for even when I'm not working specifically with her at this moment ... safe to say I'm excited to work with her again in the future.

by Julianne Nielsen


After thorough research of my own to find the best recruiter, I found Jess and I couldn’t be happier with her! Being new to travel nursing, I knew communication and honesty were important to me, and Jess has met and exceeded my expectations! She is quick to respond to me, organized, extremely nice and easy to talk to, and lets me know about future assignments early on! For example, for my next assignment in Tacoma, I was one of the first to apply so I was able to get day shift position. This happened because Jess was on top of things and instantly saw an amazing opportunity for me! I greatly appreciate Jess’s hard work, and I absolutely recommend her for nursing recruiter!

by Kristen Vickers


There are so many great things to say about Jess! I have worked with fusion coming up on two years now and Jessica has been my recruiter for that duration and I love her! Her promises that she posts she keeps true to! She always returns phone calls or text or emails in a timely manner and always makes me feel like I’m #1! She’s easy to talk to and fun! She always looks out for me and makes sure I’m making the best decision for me! Traveling can cause some anxiety and apprehension especially as one assignment ends and you’re trying to find a new but Jess puts all those worries to rest each and every time! She’s not only an awesome recruiter and sent me wonderful places but she’s turned out to be a good friend as well!

by Raquel Polania

Registered Nurse

Jessica has been the most amazing recruiter to work with. She is so passionate about her job and I know she cares about her nurses well being. Every time I speak to her she is positive and enthusiastic about everything going on. I know I can count on her to answer any questions or concerns I have about an assignment and go the extra mile to make sure I am happy with the assignments I get.
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