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Name: Keith Barnes              

Job title: Recruiter       

Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

I was referred by one of the original employees and a long-time childhood friend. Through doing my homework I quickly found that Atlas was on another echelon in the RN staffing industry. They empower their people to run their practice in their own way and promote individuality. They are family oriented, flexible, and take care of their employees… which includes their nurses. They are constantly looking to better their offering and processes to promote better business for all parties involved. Most of all they do business the way it should be done with compassion, ethics, and focus on people.


Married to my beautiful wife Cecilia and we have 4 children.

Gino our oldest is 14. All around good kid, teachers pet, loves sports.

Joaquin is 10. He has a case of your classic can’t sit still syndrome and always up to something. He is very creative, sweet, and loves playing soccer.

Ms. Leilana Ruby is 5 and my only daughter. She is my beautiful blonde hair green eyed little diva princess filled with fire and sass.

Lastly... my little Cruz who is 2. He is my gets into everything climbing adventurer that is always smiling and loves life.

Pets: French bulldog rescue that doubles as a small warthog named “Bunny”


Coaching youth sports, watching sports (Husker and Packers football especially), spending time with family and friends, drinking good beer and wine, eating delicious food, camping, boating, fire pitting, reading about history and ancient wonders, have an affinity for cheap sunglasses, love working with my hands, working on old cars and machinery, gardening, playing video games with kids, love music, live performances, getting some "me time” which is hard to do with 4 children, and really anything that entails having a good time that doesn’t get me in trouble with law or the wifey.

Any other information you want to share:

I genuinely love meeting new people, connecting, and learning about their story. There is a lot you can learn from other walks of life and their experiences. Prior to becoming a recruiter, I spent 10 years working as an Investment Consultant in the financial field…building long term relationships with clients and helped people plan for the future.

I come from a large family…my mother was one of 14 children and father was one of 12.

Top 3 things on your Bucket List:

1. Take a guided survival retreat in the wilderness...maybe naked and afraid?

2. Travel and see the ancient wonders of the world

3. Make sure all my children grow to be good people and have everything they need to be successful.


Favorite Quotes:

“Uncoachable kids become unemployable adults, let your kids get use to someone being tough on them. It’s life – get over it. I can be their friend when they are adults”

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future. - President Franklin D. Roosevelt


Atlas MedStaff

Omaha, NE

Atlas MedStaff believes in family values and the power of friendship.

We support you with our team that has over three decades of experience . You’re our top priority. That’s why we build lifelong friendships and create a culture of family. We understand the stresses of today’s healthcare industry can overwhelm you, let us be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’ve never traveled as a nurse before or you’re a travel nursing veteran, you’ll get our utmost attention and support, no matter what. We commit ourselves to finding your ideal travel assignment because that is what a good friend does. Our dedication places you in the best position.

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by Ben Ogden


Keith is a valuable resource always available and he makes you feel like you are his number one priority.

by Melissa Clark


When I first decided to get into travel nursing I spoke with many recruiters. They would get my hopes up and then just quit calling. When I would try to get them back on the phone they just didn't seem to have the time of day for me. I started reaching out to highly rated recruiters and again nothing. One day Keith called me and I explained what had been going on so he would talk me through each step and before we hung up he would tell me when he was calling back. He was patient with getting references for me. When life was kicking me around and I may have taken it out on him he stuck with me. He got me my first travel assignment. Then when I changed my mind about where I wanted to go for my next assignment he had that set up within a week. He always calls to see how I am doing and if my kids are doing good? He even calls just to chat. He has been amazing and I couldn't imagine another recruiter. I started getting tons of phone calls and emails from recruiters lately and I just don't have the time for them. Keith is the one to work with so I am staying here!! Do the smart thing and work with this company. They are the absolute best! Thank you Keith you are amazing!!

by Melissa L Koch

Ran, BSN

Keith has been transparent and honest throughout the entire first assignment process. I am very new to the travel life. I did research and read 100s of blogs about this life and specifically how to select and interview a recruiter. I read over and over again a recruiter can make or break your experience. This first assignment has been awesome! Keith is top notch, with a top notch company.

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