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I became a health care recruiter because it allows me to do what I love every day. That is to provide health care professionals with the opportunities that ultimately change the lives of others. I feel fortunate to work with dedicated nurse leaders who are unbelievably passionate about their careers, and the well-being of others. 

I came to Thaxton Barabe seeking a company whose objective was quality over quantity -- a company that puts the happiness of both their internal employees and interim nurse leaders first, above all else; that shows empathy and flexibility; and that provides continuous support to their nurse leaders throughout their contract. I found that here at Thaxton Barabe. Our nurse leaders are not seen or treated as just a number, but are valued and viewed as a critical member of our team. We appreciate and dedicate our time to ensuring our nurse leaders are successful on their assignments, as we value the critical role they play in our everyday lives. 


Thaxton Barabe

Portland, OR

At Thaxton Barabe we look for the best and brightest talent in the Healthcare industry; people who want to make a difference in patient care. Our client companies are industry leaders in healthcare and we look for those candidates who are themselves – leaders in healthcare.

We firmly believe that service is everything. Our goal is not to be the biggest Healthcare Leadership provider, but to be the most focused and attentive. We aim to positively effect healthcare by providing strong and experienced leadership to hospital systems in need. We do this quickly and efficiently.

Thaxton Barabe only represents and employs the very best healthcare and clinical leaders in the industry. Our talent is what makes the difference. We thoroughly interview and background our leaders prior to representation. These are individuals who have proven their merit in top-ranked Health systems throughout the country. These are leaders committed to better patient outcomes and system efficiency and will effect positive change wherever they serve.



Interim Perioperative Educator

What can I say? Samantha is awesome! The entire company is amazing, professional, and thorough! I'm so pleased with Thaxton!

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