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I have over 16 years of specific Travel Nurse Healthcare Staffing Recruiting experience.  Personal one-on one attention.

At Meridian Medical Staffing, our recruiters are trained to speak intelligently on tax-advantage and the proper way an agency is allowed to pay those tax-free "meals and incidentals" wages... not the way they want to pay it to you, (so that they can reduce their own taxable burden).  Too many companies are getting away with holding back YOUR hidden wages through"new math" and "tax-free" dollars.  Give us a call and whether or not you choose to work with us, you will truly understand how a travel nurse wage should and shouldn't be paid.

Ok... enough of the soapbox.  At Meridian Medical Staffing, we pride ourselves on an upfront pay rate that is typically higher than our competitors.  You don't have to feel that you need to negotiate your pay on each and every assignment... we simply do it naturally.

Give us a call and see for yourself a different, high-integrity recruitment model that is almost completely lacking in the inbdustry.


Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc.


Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc.  specializes in supplemental medical staffing for premier hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States.  We offer assignments in all 50 States and staff most medical personnel and specialties.  As one of the fastest growing health care staffing companies in the United States, Meridian Medical Staffing strives to provide a greater level of service and support to both our client hospitals and our employees.  Meridian Medical Staffing is the nation's only true "Transparent" agency, allowing travelers to understand all of the "numbers" associated with their specific asignment.

Meridian Medical Staffing offers flexibility of assignments with the stability of a proven and time-tested industry leader.  


by Byrl Harden, RN

Emergency Room Travel RN

I have worked almost exclusively with Mark for over 14 years now. He is the only recruiter I will work with. Meridian Medical Staffing is an incredibly honest and trustworthy company that delivers the highest pay rates and breaks the mold when it comes to ethical travel nurse recruiting. I know Mark is a "big-wig" there now, but the entire team of recruiters are all trained the exact same way and follow the exact same philosophy.... transparency! Highly recommend this company and any recruiter there.

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Recent Answers
Do you have travel jobs for Home health or hospice nurses?
Laura, We do, but like I'm sure many agencies are telling you, they are fewer and further in between than the current explosion we are seeing on Hospital staff needs. As things continue to get "better" and "better," we should see more and more needs in Home Health and Hospice. Call us when you have a chance, however because we have quite a few now. 800-245-9414.
Why is there no better way to streamline tests and modules for facilities? Every time I go to a new facility every few months they require multiple tests and modules that more times than not are either extremely similar if not identical. And many times it isn't even relevant for my job description. This is not only a waste of my time but the facilities resources as well. 
Heather, We couldn't agree with you more on this topic. That being said, we have to follow a facilities" rules." Be prepared for many of those "rules" to slacken a bit as the needs continue to rise. We may see that testing, especially for some of the "core mandatory" testing, might allow for a once a year test. Only time will tell but it is a big cost for agencies and a big pain for travelers to constantly have to provide a brand new test. Call us, as we make it as easy as possible. 800-245-9414
I was a travel RN for years but was not working due to surgery and recovery from. Can I get my job back now that I am ready? 
Absolutely. We may have to "rule out" a few facilities that are sticklers for constant specialty-specific experience, but frankly there aren't that many that can currently afford to be "choosey" with the current travel needs. 800-245-9414
What is the allowed distance to travel from your home to be considered a travel position? 
Terri... It varies. Many facilities simply don't care if you're "local" while other have a 50 to 75-mile radius rule. It is facility specific. Feel free to call us at 800-245-9414 and we'll let you know what the "rule" is for any specific job you may be considering.