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Are you a Seasoned or First Time Traveler looking for the BEST Agency to travel with and a Great Recruiter? If so, look no further, Remede has the solution for you! 

Working in the medical profession isn’t just a job, it’s a calling. Our candidates are devoted and passionate in caring for the sick. At Remede, we show our appreciation to our candidates by providing per diem and travel assignments for greater work/life balance.

We understand what it means to feel “called” to our work. At Remede, we have the same passion and dedication for our caregiver candidates that they have for their patients. We ensure a level of care and consistency that is unmatched because we work hard to match the best qualified professionals with top medical facilities in the country.

Remede sets a higher level of standards for itself and its candidates. We focus not only on skills but integrity. Remede places and works with only highly qualified professionals and the best medical facilities in the country. When you work with Remede you will see how our process ensures a level of consistency from your first interaction to every ongoing conversation.

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