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Pulse Clinical Alliance, LLC
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Pulse Clinical Alliance, LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Pulse Clinical Alliance is a collection of senior clinicians, compliance counsel, and EMR professionals committed to supporting and advancing modern healthcare facilities. We work to provide the same level of vigilance and professionalism that you give patients. Our team will provide a level of service and benefits that can not be matched. We have proprietary incentives that can't be offered anywhere else. Imagine a group that you know has your back, not just for a contract length, but for the long haul. Imagine a group that understands and supports your career track, aspirations, and other needs. 

If you do some homework on us, you'll see that doors we can open are on another level. If you're looking for a group that has consistent opportunities, who understands the value you bring to the table, then Pulse CA is for you. You'll notice that we don't post all our opportunities on TNS, but if you contact us, we will whatever it takes to make sure you're taken care of, from rates, to benefits, and more. 


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