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Advanced Travel Nursing

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Advanced Travel Nursing is a travel nursing company specializing in the placement of registered nurses in Surgical Units, Operating Rooms, Cardiac Care and many other settings. At Advanced Travel Nursing, you can expect a comprehensive assortment of settings at facilities in all regions of the country.

We partner with our travel nurses to find the ideal position for your professional growth. Our customized travel nursing assignments allow you to pick the setting, location, and shift to enable you to reach your full financial and professional potential. In addition to our personalized service, we offer a tremendous benefits package.

  • Customized Pay Packages
  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage – Day 1
  • Furnished Housing / Lodging Per-Diem
  • Matching 401(k)
  • Personalized Attention
  • DON – Clinical Support to our Advanced Travel Nursing Family of Nurses

Advanced Travel Nursing promises you the career guidance and clinical support you deserve. We strive to form long term partnerships based on quality and integrity. Make Advanced Travel Nursing your travel nurse agency of choice

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by Melissa Dieter


From our first conversation, I immediately knew Brooke was going to be an outstanding recruiter! She instantly put me at ease and answered every question. She was there for me even when my old company I was still with at the time couldn't be bothered. There truly isn't anything else I can say that the other reviews posted above haven't said so well. Absolutely every word the other reviewers have said is true. I could only add that she isn't just my recruiter, but my friend and family away from family. She is, hands down, the best recruiter out there! I really do feel like I have a home with Advanced and a recruiter who truly does care and has your back 100%!!

by Heather Bishop


WOW...where to start about Brooke?!! As a new travel nurse I was super scared about everything and wanted to find that "perfect" recruiter that everyone said was hard to find. The first converstation I had with Brooke was a test, and she had no clue. I tested her knowledge base, her honesty, and her strength as a recruiter. By the end of our conversation I was sold!! Brooke is everything I wanted in a recruiter and more. She listens to me, understands what I want, and without a doubt has MY back! I love her positive vibe, her compassion, and dedication to making my experience special. I truley feel honored to have her as my recruiter and call her my friend. If you have the chance to work with Brooke, you will feel the same as I do....I promise!!! HANDS DOWN... best of the best!!

by Taylor Wilburn


Brooke is handsdown one of the best well rounded recruiters I have come in contact with! Its VERY overwhelming, as a first time traveler, to find a recruiter who is genuinely trustworthy and you feel like wont just throw you “out to the sharks”. From the moment I met her she has been on her A Game. Not only is she a good listener but she is very transparent and will never put you in a position where you feel uncomfortable. The most important thing that I like about Brooke is her response time and the fact that she will keep you updated on everything she is doing to try and book you the job that you want. Its a lot of behind the scenes stuff these recruiters have to do and Brooke walks you through it all so youre never doubting what is being done. I have enjoyed getting to know her on a business level and also as a friend. Thats what makes her stand out from the rest. She wants to get to know you and that has made my transition as a new traveler better. Our phone convos discuss business but also include tons of laughing and joking and she even sang me “Happy Birthday”. These things may sound miniscule to some but to me this sets her apart from the hundreds of recruiters out there. People easily write reviews about the worst. But Brooke is NOT in this category and is one that deserves a pat on the back.

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