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I’m Lauren Torrento, a staffing specialist with Health Providers Choice. I have been recruiting with HPC since 2004, and had the joy of seeing the company grow each and every year. I have several nurses who I have worked with for the majority of these years, and it has been a pleasure to help them achieve their career goals.


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Nurse founded in 2003, Health Providers Choice (HPC) quickly established itself as a respected leader in the staffing industry for travel nursing. We are a national staffing agency—providing jobs in nursing for all specialties and job types including travel contract nursing, local contract nursing and per diem nursing. Proud to be Joint Commission certified, we are committed to excellence for our clients and the dedicated staff that we employ for them. Following our guiding principles of Teamwork, Quality, Gratitude, Professionalism and Longevity, is a tried and true way of continually exceeding industry standards in employee retention rates, contract extension rates, and employee and client referral. This allows us to employ the highest quality of nursing professionals and provide service excellence.

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Does the wage listed include the amount of the housing stipend, or is the stipend a separate amount?
Joy, Pay packages vary between clients depending on the bill rate, vendor fees, and the margin that the Agency is taking. Typically each pay package is designed to best suit the nurse and what they are in need of; i.e. insurance, housing stipend, housing provided etc. When we create pay packages at HPC everything is very clearly outlined and you are given a weekly net pay (this is what you will be taking home each week as long as there are no modifications done to the pay package by the nurse). We are a full disclosure company, so we have two sided negotiations where we show you the bill rate that we are receiving, and we can even invite you to our desktop for you to see where every dollar is going in the rate sheet. Remember nothing is free. If it wasn’t for the nurse the agency wouldn’t have any money to provide you with things. You are working for everything you receive. I would be happy to discuss this more in depth with you and answer any questions you may have. If you have interest in doing so please give me a call at 888-299-9800 or you can contact me at Lauren Burger- Career Placement Specialist- Health Providers Choice-