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More and more nurses are discovering the career and financial advantages travel nursing offers. The number of road warriors traveling across the nation is growing at record rates. With so many nurses traveling it naturally follows that tough competition for assignments has become the norm.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to partner with a highly experienced Travel Nurse Recruiter. Recruiters represent you to clients across the nation and knowing how to do that effectively only comes with years of experience. When you find an assignment you want the race begins. Experienced Recruiters know how to position you to stand out from the crowd and win the assignments. Choosing the right Recruiter is more important than ever before.

Dixie Bostick is an experienced Senior Recruiter and a diehard Nurse Advocate who has more than 14 years experience placing nurses in travel assignments across the nation. With so many Recruiters out there, she has still risen to the top capturing the coveted title “ Recruiter of the Year” in Healthcare Traveler Magazine not once, but three times! She earned and received the Outstanding Achievement Award as well as the Excellent Leadership and Service Award for 6 years in a row.

While maintaining Senior Recruiter status, she visited hospitals across the nation, attending staffing summits and recruitment fairs. She is well connected in the healthcare community.

Her strong ethical skills and integrity-driven, straight-forward approach in both recruitment and personal endeavors has earned her a loyal following of nurses nationwide.


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Floral Park, NY

Are you a Seasoned or First Time Traveler looking for the BEST Agency to travel with and a Great Recruiter? If so, look no further, Remede has the solution for you! 

Working in the medical profession isn’t just a job, it’s a calling. Our candidates are devoted and passionate in caring for the sick. At Remede, we show our appreciation to our candidates by providing per diem and travel assignments for greater work/life balance.

We understand what it means to feel “called” to our work. At Remede, we have the same passion and dedication for our caregiver candidates that they have for their patients. We ensure a level of care and consistency that is unmatched because we work hard to match the best qualified professionals with top medical facilities in the country.

Remede sets a higher level of standards for itself and its candidates. We focus not only on skills but integrity. Remede places and works with only highly qualified professionals and the best medical facilities in the country. When you work with Remede you will see how our process ensures a level of consistency from your first interaction to every ongoing conversation.

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by Nicki


I just decided to research travel nursing this year and Dixie was one of several recruiters I spoke to. Without a single doubt, the professional relationship we've developed has surpassed any expectations I had of any recruiter. She's so incredibly welcoming, courteous, and encouraging. Even before I accepted my first travel assignment, she let me know that I could contact her with any concern, worry, or idea that I had. This took a huge weight off my shoulders! I know that she's there for me now and will be always. She's a wonderful supporter and friend and I highly recommend her to all travel nurses, rookies and veterans! I look forward to working with Dixie and Remede and I'm so grateful of everything they've done for me thus far!

by Bruce Yeslow, RN


Dixie was wonderful. I've been traveling for almost 4 years and have 20 years in nursing with 17 in Interventional Radiology. This is my first contract with Dixie. She made it quick and easy. She's professional and gets to the point while staying sweet and easy to deal with. I hope this will be a long and profitable experience for both of us.

by Lisa smith


This is my first travel job with remedy dixie has been the best recruiter i have ever dealt with therr were some problems but she fixed all of them and is always there for me whenever we need here lisa smith

by Past Traveler


Dixie made my first travel assignments painless. My family was in need of the money, and it wasn't a choice for myself. My husband had lost his sight, and we couldn't make it on the local pay. Dixie went out of her way to help me through the transition and make the experience a great one. She was so good, I considered doing another contract. For now, I will stay local to be with my family, but I will travel again and with no one else; she's not only my recruiter but a friend!

by Tammy Hayes


Dixie is a godsend! I've never met anyone over the phone who has impressed me so much. I can feel her warmth and sincerity, and I really look forward to our conversations. She keeps me informed about issues related to my assignment and makes me feel like we are friends. Dixie pours herself and all her energy into making sure that my assignment is suitable. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and an asset to her company. It is because of Dixie that I have re-signed numerous times and why I will stay at this agency for the remainder of my travel experience!
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I was a travel RN for years but was not working due to surgery and recovery from. Can I get my job back now that I am ready? 
How long have you been out of the nursing field? I have been able to place a former travel nurse in a facility with an extensive period of time off due to an illness in the family. Are you open to locations? 
What is the allowed distance to travel from your home to be considered a travel position? 
Each facility is different minimum is 50 miles however some hospitals might require 75-100 miles. Can I help locate you a local/travel assignment? 
Do you have travel jobs for Home health or hospice nurses?
Yes please call or email me and I can over the positions I have available.
Do you reimburse for certifications and licenses?
Yes we can reimburse you for licensure and certifications. We basically have a boutique type of way of doing business. We are a very transparent with our healthcare travelers.
Do you help nurses with local contracts? 
Yes we do if we have positions in the desired location you are wanting.