Bridge McIntyre, Senior Recruiter

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I have been a recruiter for 8 years and cannot think of anything else I would rather do. Helping nurses and medical professionals, such as yourself, allows me to align you with the best fitting assignments. You can expect clear communication and a tremendous amount of dedication that will ensure your needs and requirements are met.

When you need an advocate, I am by your side. As a devoted and transparent recruiter, I offer you my time and energy. You are my priority! I’m available 24/7 and will always do my best to create a positive contract experience, as we work together.




by Patricia Chaballa

Registered Nurse PICU

Bridge is awesome. She has such a pleasant attitude and has been so helpful to me in many ways. She makes herself available night and day and responds quickly whenever I have left a message or email. Most times, I am able to reach her on the spot. I have never had such awesome customer service. She goes above and beyond to research solutions, and is very knowledgable about her field. Bridge is the Best! You could'nt find a better recruiter if you tried.

by Scott Mullican


Bridge and the crew at Integrated Healthcare Solutions, are more like a part of my family than a recruiter. She always has a positive ring to her voice that can be an immense comfort during those really hard days in the field. She coached me step by step through the long hiring process and made sure that all my qualifications were noted. She remains as much a friend as she is a recruiter, coaching me on all aspects of my journey as a travel Nurse. No other travel nurse that I have spoken with get the quality and personalized care that I have received from Bridge. I look forward to a long and prosperous career with Bridge. "You Rock Cowgirl"

by Leslie Ortega


I love Bridge! She is dedicated to resolving the challenges of travel nursing for me. I have met some of the best people while traveling over the past 24 months and Bridge is one of them.

by Jenifer

Registered Nurse

Where to begin... Bridge is at the top of her game and goes above and beyond. Being a nurse I know how rotten we can be. She never loses her cool and has an abundance of patience and understanding. She is the best!

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