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Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc.  specializes in supplemental medical staffing for premier hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States.  We offer assignments in all 50 States and staff most medical personnel and specialties.  As one of the fastest growing health care staffing companies in the United States, Meridian Medical Staffing strives to provide a greater level of service and support to both our client hospitals and our employees.  Meridian Medical Staffing is the nation's only true "Transparent" agency, allowing travelers to understand all of the "numbers" associated with their specific asignment.

Meridian Medical Staffing offers flexibility of assignments with the stability of a proven and time-tested industry leader.  

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Why is there no better way to streamline tests and modules for facilities? Every time I go to a new facility every few months they require multiple tests and modules that more times than not are either extremely similar if not identical. And many times it isn't even relevant for my job description. This is not only a waste of my time but the facilities resources as well. 
Agree but its never up to us! Hospitals set their own credentialing requirements and unfortunately we all have to jump through them! 
I was a travel RN for years but was not working due to surgery and recovery from. Can I get my job back now that I am ready? 
It would depend on your experience and your willingness and flexibility when it comes to assignments. Also hospitals want to see some recent experience in your specialty so a lot of RN's will do Per Diem while waiting to get an assignment! 
What is the allowed distance to travel from your home to be considered a travel position? 
It depends on the vendor! Some dont have radius rules, but in general its 50 to 100 miles. In order to take advantage of one of the great perks of travel nursing, the tax advantage program, the IRS requires you to live 60 miles from the address where you file taxes. 
Do you reimburse for certifications and licenses?
After you complete your first assignment!