Caitlin Osborne

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Caitlin has many years of recruiting experience and is excited to help find you your next perfect destination! Her “go-getter” demeanor & endless support will leave you not only with a travel assignment, but with a friend. She resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband.




by Tiffany Morrison

Wonderful Recruiter!

Caitlin is a wonderful recruiter! She is kind, honest, a good listener, works very hard for her travel nurses in matching them in the positions they like and has any of the qualities you would look for in an amazing recruiter! I highly recommend her! Trinity is also a wonderful agency. It was actually started by a nurse who used to be a traveler, so they totally understand what nurses look for in a wonderful agency!

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Why is there no better way to streamline tests and modules for facilities? Every time I go to a new facility every few months they require multiple tests and modules that more times than not are either extremely similar if not identical. And many times it isn't even relevant for my job description. This is not only a waste of my time but the facilities resources as well. 
Hi Heather! I completely hear your frustrations, however, each facility requires different things for travelers to be compliant. The testing comes from the hospitals & is out of the agencies control. 
I was a travel RN for years but was not working due to surgery and recovery from. Can I get my job back now that I am ready? 
Hi Cheryl! How long have you been out of the job? In order to travel, generally facilities will want to see 6months to a year of recent experience.
What is the allowed distance to travel from your home to be considered a travel position? 
You need to be over 50 miles away to receive tax free benefits. :)
Do you have travel jobs for Home health or hospice nurses?
Yes we do! We have both! I'd love to help get you started. You can reach me at 843-656-0570. Looking forward to speaking with you!