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by Dave Gille


I'm new to the travel industry and am on my second assignment. Monte Kasten of Healthcare Starz came highly recommended to me from an RN on my first assignment. I can't say enough about Monte! Choosing Monte Kasten with Healthcare Starz was by far the best decision I could have made. Monte is a true professional in this industry and was able to get me the exact assignment that I was looking for! Monte goes above & beyond to get his clients the best rates, accommodations, and contracts based on one's particular skill set. I've talked to many different recruiters in the industry and I've found personally that Monte isn't just another recruiter out to meet a quota. Monte is the "real deal" and cares about my personal needs and circumstances. If you want a recruiter who really takes a personal interest and one that you can trust, it would be Monte Kasten. Monte is a good Christian man whom I've found that I can trust that he will do everything he can for me, and I've found that this is a man whom I can call my friend! How many recruiters out there in this industry would take their own personal time to talk to you beyond regular work hours even late at night to discuss any professional or personal concerns you have? Monte Kasten is not just another healthcare recruiter. He cares about his people and he means a great deal to me!

by Sandra W Collins


Monte Kasten is not just my recruiter, but also my friend. The phrase "I've got your back" is not just hype but the truth. He cares for his employees needs as if they were family. He starts by looking for the perfect assignment, works out all the details, and keeps in frequent touch to ensure all progresses well. And between assignments he continues to keep in touch with friendly calls and interest in his traveler's families. He is a truly an honest caring man.

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I was a travel RN for years but was not working due to surgery and recovery from. Can I get my job back now that I am ready? 
Hi Cheryl. That is a great question. It would depend on if the hospital still has an opening and if you got medical clearance to go back to work. It also would depend on how long you have been out of work. I would be happy to talk with you and learn about your particular situation and then give you the appropriate course of action you can take to get back to work. You can feel free to call me at 888-777-4920 ext. 104. I look forward to talking with you and to helping you sort things out :-) Have a nice, wonderful day.
How long does it take to get licensed in other states? Is it difficult?
Good Evening Cindy. The best answer to that question is that it depends on what state you are trying to go to. Some states are walk through states which means you can get a license in 1 day, some have temporary licenses that take about a week or so to get, and others are difficult states that take a long time such as CA. Feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to answer anything else you have a questions about. All the best. Monte