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Growing up on a small farm in Iowa, Robyn quickly learned what hard work means: if you put in the time and effort, great things will come of it for all involved. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or situations that are out of your control but really focus on what you can control, like taking the time to listen and get to know a nurse and his or her needs for an assignment.

Working in the staffing field, with healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds, has made it possible for Robyn to not only grow professionally, but personally as well. Nurses have made her realize that no matter what, there is good in the world and a nurse is the true definition of that. Making connections on a daily basis with people she may never meet is the one thing that gets her out of bed in the morning. She might be an early riser, but knowing it is a two way street between her and her nurses is something that is irreplaceable. Trust is something that many people have lost over the years, but is the most important thing to Robyn.  


Triage Staffing

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About Us

Founded in 2006, Triage started as a boutique staffing firm specializing in Radiology and quickly grew into a full-service staffing solution serving Nursing, Laboratory, Rehabilitation Therapy, and Radiology.  Recognized by Inc. Magazine for three consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in America, Triage has evolved while still maintaining our boutique-service edge. We are big enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you.  We will take care of you!

Treat Others How You Want to be Treated

We strive to provide you with great service; to be available, responsive, and empathetic.  However, we make mistakes and are not perfect.  Rest assured we will never quit trying to do our best and take care of you!

Always There For You

We pride ourselves on being easy to reach, 24/7, 365 days per year.  To prove this, most of you have our personal cell numbers and can call/text us anytime.  You can also reach us via our after-hours service. 


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