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I am a Travel Nurse Recruiter with a background in Nursing. I graduated from UofL with my BSN and worked as a floor nurse for 5 years, before deciding to change my career path and start working as a Recruiter. I love what I do and hearing about all of the different places and experiences that nurses have across the country!


Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Cincinnati, OH

Tailored Healthcare Staffing is a Top Three, Joint Commission-certified travel nurse staffing company. At THS, we know better than anyone how important travel nurses are. Like other agencies, we have immediate access to thousands of jobs paying top dollar across the country and a team of people to fill those jobs fast. 

What truly sets THS apart is our admiration for travel nurses and what they do for healthcare. Is there anything more heroic than setting aside your personal life to answer a call that saves lives? We don’t think do. That’s why we believe that travel nurses are the superheroes of healthcare.

When you choose THS, you are rewarded professionally with high-paying travel assignments, but you are also rewarded personally with Platinum Shield Benefits and everything paid for up front. Best of all, we celebrate our nurses year-round with praise, gifts, and best-in-class bonuses. 

Want to see what it's like to work with an agency who truly values you and your commitment to bettering patient outcomes? Try THS. You take care of the patients, and we'll take care of the rest.


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