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My name is George Rhoades and I have been working in the Healthcare industry for the past 9 years.  I have a passion for what I do and get complete satisfaction when I'm able to help someone out with the career goals.  I grew up in Tucson Arizona and I'm married to my beautiful wife Brandi.  We have two awesome kids (Hayden and Greysen) which keeps life fun, busy and exciting!!

I started in the industry with Maxim Healthcare as a recruiter and quickly moved up and received a promotion to Account Manager.  I was with Maxim for 7 years but left Maxim to pursue a different Managerial career in the Semiconductor and Solar industries. I decided to leave the Semiconductor and Solar industries to get back into the healthcare industry which I surely missed. 

I started with Concentric Healthcare back in March of 2014 as a recruiter and within this timeframe to date, I have received a promotion to become the Travel Recuitment Manager for the travel Division!

If you are looking to travel, be treated fairly, like family and want to work for the best travel company and in the industry, please reach out and give me or our other aweome recruiters a call as we would love to get a chance to help you receive a great assignment.


Concentric Healthcare Staffing

Scottsdale, AZ

Founded and headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Concentric Healthcare Staffing specializes in healthcare employment with an emphasis in nursing and allied health. Our passion is to develop partnerships with our clients and become an integral part of your staffing solution. Concentric representatives understand your need for continuity of care and work to ensure that every staffing solution we provide is as unique as your facility.

To provide the skilled and talented personnel that today’s medical field demands, Concentric Healthcare offers a top flight registry service that provides staff 24/7. Your facility can enhance their recruiting process by taking advantage of the temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement services of our fully screened professionals.

Concentric Healthcare is proud to be recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) with the JCAHO Gold Seal of Approval for the Health Care Staffing Services program. JCAHO certification acknowledges compliance with the Joint Commission’s national set of consensus-based quality standards and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in providing health care staffing.


by Elizabeth Schuurman


George has been absolutely wonderful to work with ! He is kind, compassionate and truly cares about my well being & happiness on contract ! He is quick to respond & is always fighting for what I need ! So happy to have made the switch and be working with George , Nate & the team at Concentric Health Care !

by Wanda M. Parker


I serendipitously met George through another employee at Concentric, who gain my interest on an amazing offer in Gettysburg Pa. I quickly got to know George as he expedited ordinary procedures, in helping me to start my second travel assignment. He has guided me well through the beginning process and alerted me on all my compliance requirements. No time wasted, he follows through on all types of questions and response to concerns... this is the type of recruiter a travel nurse needs. I have to say... I was confronted with four travel recruiters, all with great offers and perks. However, George beat them all... due to his "grit" in offering the best deal, which is why chose to remain with Concentric. In order for this to be possible, it requires a recruiter to know their nurses staying power. This is Mr. George Rhoades true ability.

WM. Parker RN MSN

by Marian Tualla


George is one of the most amazing recruiter. I have been doing this over 16 years and he really is the best I have worked with.
He goes out of his way to make the process as easy as possible and has even walked this techno-challenged nurse through setting up for my health benefits .
I would refer any new traveler to this recruiter.

by Heather Cooper


I stumbled into travel nursing somewhat inadvertently this year while searching for new career opportunities online. Honestly, travel nursing was hardly on my radar at the time; as the wife of a firefighter/paramedic who works 60-80 hour weeks, and the mother of an energetic little boy about to celebrate his first birthday, I didn’t see how traveling could be feasible. I half heartedly entered my information into the recruiting site I was on, thinking that if had the spare time during my searching, I wouldn’t mind learning a little more about the industry. I was immediately and intensely regretting the decision to do so as I attempted to navigate my way through the applications in front of me while the barrage of texts and calls continued without pause. “No, thank you for the call, but I was only trying to view some of the opportunities on the website, I’m not interested in traveling at this time.” Five minutes into speaking with George Rhoades, I knew I wanted to work for Concentric. From that initial phone conversation to now, working my first travel assignment, he has ensured that every aspect of the process flow quickly and seamlessly. One would be hard pressed to find another individual better suited for their position and line of work than George is to his. His commitment to the success and wellbeing of the nurses he recruits is remarkable. I have yet to have even one small interaction with him during which his affable disposition and genuine good nature weren’t apparently obvious. It is easy to tell that he cares about what he does; he has gone above and beyond every expectation I had as a nurse new to traveling. Not only does his personality reflect positively on the organization, but his knowledge and expertise continue to impress. I have heard many travel nurses suggest that it is necessary to work with multiple agencies simultaneously in order to negotiate pay rate/contract details. While the barrage on my phone has slowed down, I still get a phone call or two most days from other travel nursing agencies and I kindly turn each of them down due to the fact that there is no recruiter out there who could compare. I have no doubt in my mind that George truly does have the best interest of each nurse he works with at heart. AMAZING recruiter and an AWESOME person!!!

by Heather


George has been great to work with! I’m grateful for all he has done for me. He’s always available when I need him and takes care of business quickly and efficiently. Thank you George!
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