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Alex Egge, Senior Recruiter at Republic Health Resources, has a background in Healthcare and several years of sales experience. She has had the wonderful opportunity to staff travel nurses nationwide, and create amazing assignments that are fun, enjoyable and highly profitable for them. Alex believes in being the nurse's advocate, and help each professional achieve their goals and expectations for their nursing career. She prides herself on being honest, loyal, compassionate, hard working, a good listener, supportive, encouraging, and available to her nurses around the clock. Alex finds it very rewarding to see nurses achieve both their professional and personal goals.

A little about Alex: She was by the grace of God born and raised in Texas. Her faith, family, and friends are everything and mean the world to her. Alex has a very playful and goofy nature, and she loves to laugh and make other people around her laugh and smile. Alex is very passionate about helping people and that is the reason why she chose this career path. Alex is a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, thanks to her and her Dad's upbringing. Why is a Texan a Green Bay fan? Because half of Alex's family (Her Dad's side) lives and was raised in Wisconsin. She has the most beautiful, loving, energetic and sometimes very bossy Austrailan Shepherd named Ranger, whom she loves and adores so much and is like family to her. Alex went to Texas State University where she majored in Psychology, and Nursing. If Alex is not spending time with her family or friends she loves to run, workout, shop, do anything outdoorsy, go to concerts, fish, and watch comedy shows.

Alex's favorite quote: "What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us are Tiny Matters Compared to What Lies Within Us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson. 




by Fay Thibodeaux Brink RN, BSN

Travel Nurse - Altru Cardiac Step Down Unit

Alex is by far the best recruiter I've ever had contact with and I've talked to many extremely nice and talented ones. She's completely understanding and empathetic if you're having issues and she is a true advocate for the needs of the travel nurse. I wanted the job, but I took the job because of who Alex is and how she operates. In the brief time that I've known her, I feel like she listened, learned as much about me as she could, and did her best to find an awesome work assignment fit for what my needs and desires are. My life situation is difficult right now and Alex made herself available at any time to talk or respond to texts so that I would feel completely comfortable with the process. I can't say enough about her! She worked with her close connections at the hospital that wanted to give me an offer to make sure that all of my needs and questions were addressed. The interview that she sent me on for Altru was hands down the best and most responsive interview I've ever had the privilege to be part of. Instead of an interrogation where you are on the spot and feeling defensive, the interview came off more like a fantastic welcoming introduction where I got all my questions answered! I couldn't ask for more. Thanks Alex, you've made my 2016 amazing so far! Can't wait to work with you again after this one is over!

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