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Hi!! I LOVE working with nurses!  Helping each nurse secure their dream job is what I love the most about this business!  A true Nurse Advocate, I am available anytime!  

I have been in this business for 8 years. I know the hospital and the nurse side of this business so I can truly help each nurse find the best fit form them!  

When I am not at work I am always with my 10 year old daughter! She fuels my fire each day to go out and be a better person.  My husband Nat and I have been together for years, and married for 12.  We love music, movies and spending time with family...oh, and our amazing little Emperial Shih Tzu LOLA!  

I am now with the most incredible company; Republic Health Resources.  We have needs all over the country!  We offer great pay and day one health benefits.  I have worked in big corporations in previous years, being with Republic I am able to really cater to each and every Nurses needs is the best company by far to work for and travel with!  

We also offer $500 referral me for details! 




by Katie Baker

EMR Application Systems Analyst at Texas Health Physicians Group

Kelli truly epitomizes the definition of a high quality Travel Counselor/Talent Acquisition Coordinator. Her awareness of the customer's needs as well as exceeding their expectations is second nature to Kelli. She is the consummate collaborator with her team members, leaders, as well as customers who are always striving to find the “next big thing” that will uncover that diamond in the rough.

Kelli brings a wealth of industry knowledge albeit tools, strategies, or even those small administrative items. She has a knack to seeing through the clutter and noise of a project and delivering a seamless solution.

Kelli is highly organized, results-driven and proactive; I can say she has really proven to be outstanding in many aspects. She is self motivated and is able to perform exceptionally in a fast-paced environment. Kelli has a goal of maximal customer satisfaction, and achieves it with incredible consistency. She is one of those rare people who you know if you give a project to it will get done well and on time.

While she served as a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry, I often communicated with Kelli regarding issues associated with staffing and high-caliber recruiting efforts.

Add to all this that Kelli is a very congenial person, well-liked by literally everyone she works with, and you will see why I am so positive about this bright and energetic lady! I endorse her work with confidence and enthusiasm - feel free to reach out to me for a formal reference.less

November 30, 2015, Katie was with another company when working with Kelli at Republic Health Resources

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