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My name is Rick Shaffer and I am a recruiter at MSSI. Instead of me rambling on about myself I would rather tell you what I can do for you. First, I will never badger you with phone calls, I tend to send about two emails asking for your permission to call you. If you do not respond I understand that you are not interested. If we do connect, I will answer your questions and furnish you with all the information concerning an assignment and this company prior to asking you to provide me with any information, documentation or a commitment. Integrity and respect are two values I do not compromise with, so you can depend on me always being honest with you. If find that this is the quickest way of building a relationship between the two of us. If you decide to travel with MSSI, I will always be available to you. You will receive my contact information and I expect if you have a problem or concern you will contact me day or night. Finally, I will always work to insure your best interest is always at the forefront. This does not mean I will always get you everything you want but I will be honest and tell you if it’s possible. If you are interested in working with me and MSSI please call me at 715-736-2852 or email me at rick@travelmssi.com. I look forward to meeting you!




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