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by susan


I love Rebecca. If you are ever thinking of traveling let me tell you right now......stop looking.
I have traveled for 14 years and until I worked with Rebecca I did not know there was a different way to be with your employees. She is wonderful, honest, dedicated and caring. She saw a future that she wanted to make for travelers and accomplished her goal. Rebecca is trying to make a "home" for people who just want to travel and enjoy it. I will never work for anyone but her in the future.

by Rebecca

Cath Lab RN

Absolutely AWESOME. Very personable. Honest and sincere. All my paychecks were accurate. She is such an awesome person!!

by Lisa

Best recruiter you will find today

I happened upon Rebecca a few years ago on a job in the Virgin Islands. She stood up for me when the company didn't want to do as promised. We have talked countless hours about business and personal things. She is my friend and a trusted business associate. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to travel and will work again with her in the near future. Thank you Rebecca for standing up for what you believe in and helping others with their goals. Wishing you the best success in all you do. :)

by April Cheuvront


This is my third assignment with Rebecca. She is an intelligent and encouraging recruiter. She has a positive and helpful approach. She doesn't try to sell me on assignments that do not appeal to me. Rebecca is honest and accessible. She is my favorite recruiter, and I highly recommend her.

by Jonnie


I have worked for Rebecca for over two years now and hands down I will not leave her! She is hard working and always makes it feel like she has my absolute best interests in mind. She is very upfront and tells it like it is. I have never felt like she didn't have my back, a very hard thing to find amongst other recruiters! I will refer every person I know to her and her company! Completely transparent and never shady! She's just the best, period!
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