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Mike has 10 years experience as a Client Manager/Recruiter in the health industry.  Mike loves his baseball from watching any team on the TV to seeing his Creigthon Bluejay's here locally.  Mike takes a little different approach to his job which makes him different than others.  He is a firm believer that no matter what, he wants the best for the travelers.  He wants the traveler to know they can trust him.


Primeforce Medical Staffing

LaVista, NE

We are a company that has a dedicated personal Career Consultant that will take time to listen and understand your goals both in the traveler healthcare career and life. The Career Consultant who helps you find a position will be with you for as long as you work for PrimeForce Medical.

We offer personalized pay packages and an ever-expanding network of exceptional healthcare facilities nationwide.

We will work together with the traveler to achieve exactly what they want from a travel staffing company.

We pride ourselves on being east to reach 24/7, 365 days a year.  To prove this, mose of you have our personal cell numbers and can call/tect us anytime.

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