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Lets travel together! I stive to build meaningufl relationships with my travers so it feels like your traveling with a freind! I don't like to use pressure as a tactic and I will work hard to find something that works for you. I live in the beautiflul starte of Colorado where I enjoy skiing, camping, gofling, and hiking my my dog. I was born and rasied in a small town in South Dakota, and I atteneded college at South Dakota State Univeristy.

I do have previous clinical expreince :)


American Mobile

Get paid to travel! American Mobile Healthcare is a leader in the travel nurse staffing industry with top travel nursing jobs in all 50 states, including some exclusive jobs that are only available for to nurses that work with American Mobile. As an American Mobile travel nurse, you’ll be able to explore the country while earning great pay. We are proud to offer our travelers competitive benefits including:

  • Free housing
  • Medical and dental benefits from day one
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Continuing education support
  • Licensing assistance
  • Team Support

Get started on your adventure with an American Mobile job. We’ll take you to new places and your career to new heights.


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