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I am a native of Colorado and am passionate about the outdoors. I have always loved meeting new people and developing new relationships. I spent the last five years living in New Zealand, after moving back to the United States last year I landed in recuriting and have never been happier. Working with Advanced I can provide the one on one care for nurses that they can't find anywhere else. I pride myself on my honesty and total transparancy about the business, and developing a relationship with any RN or CST I work with. If you're looking for local or travel contracts I hope you will consider me as a resource. Togther we can find you that ideal placment to further you career. 

Kindest Regards, 

Corry Klebold


American Mobile

Get paid to travel! American Mobile Healthcare is a leader in the travel nurse staffing industry with top travel nursing jobs in all 50 states, including some exclusive jobs that are only available for to nurses that work with American Mobile. As an American Mobile travel nurse, you’ll be able to explore the country while earning great pay. We are proud to offer our travelers competitive benefits including:

  • Free housing
  • Medical and dental benefits from day one
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Continuing education support
  • Licensing assistance
  • Team Support

Get started on your adventure with an American Mobile job. We’ll take you to new places and your career to new heights.


November 06, 2018

by Shardae

Ive been a traveler for 2 years. Corry is awesome and very thorough in his work. Responds to calls and emails within a timely manner. Very prompt at providing excellent customer service, and ensuring his travelers are treated well.

November 04, 2018

by Laura Eagler

I am new to travel nursing as of 5 months ago. I acquired him after a recruiter left advanced (wish I would have had him from the start.) Corry has been awesome throughout this experience. He is up front and very helpful! I would recommend him to any fellow travel nurses and I look forward to working with him on my adventures to come!

November 03, 2018

by Casandra H.

This was my first travel assignment as an RN and Corry was amazing. From the beginning he was informative about the process and always kept me in the loop. And he has to be one of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of working with. He makes you feel supported through the entire process.

October 31, 2018

by Tracy Wilson

Corry is great and very communicative. He’s a joy to work with! I recommend him without hesitation!! Thanks Corry!!

February 28, 2018

by Tomia Bonner

I'm new to travel, currently on my 1st assignment. I have 15 yrs experience as a staff surgical tech. This is a whole new experience and all of the information presented can be daunting. I found Corry to be naturally down to earth from the beginning, sharing his knowledge and expertise of the business with me, transparency! He took great care establishing a relationship of trust through clear communication and understanding my expectations. Completely unassuming, he goes above and beyond to get good info. If he doesn't know, he finds out. He follows up and he delivers. He understands the anxiety of transition and stays with you every step of the way. It's challenging but It has been extremely comforting to know i have a recruiter who is sincerely concerned with my well being.
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