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Outside of the office Robby enjoys participating in all sports, working out at the gym and a nice cold beer. He enjoys building a strong relationship with each nurse he works with. Robby believes in dedicating a 100% focus to each healthcare provider that he works with, making sure their needs are met with every contract they sign! He enjoys helping the best and brightest health care providers find hospitals in need of their great services.


Loveland, OH


We screen, validate, and match the most talented healthcare professionals in the country with fulfilling assignments in all 50 states.

Our proven process is backed by a talented staff that understands the healthcare industry. We constantly re-imagine old methodology, provide an environment of open communication, foster teamwork, encourage honesty, and act responsibly.


TaleMed is built on a foundation of integrity.

We set up our employees to operate as a team – ensuring success for our business and our partners. We employ the industry’s top talent and treat them like family. That genuine care is passed on to our nurses, and ultimately the patients they serve. We’re setting a new standard for the travel nursing industry.

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