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Founded by the top recruiting executives in our region, we’ve built our reputation on attracting only the most qualified and dedicated professionals, as well as delivering maximum service to both customers and professionals. We do this by being industry experts and always staying on the cutting edge. Our team is always continuing their education at workshops and networking events. We are entrenched in the industry and that’s just one of the many ways we’re able to find the top talent.

Recruiting, screening and hiring the right personnel are more important to a company’s success than ever. With our experience and expertise, ProLink Healthcare provides the industry know how to quickly evaluate the qualifications of prospective candidates to ensure they are the most effective hire for our clients.


ProLink Staffing
Cincinnati, OH

ProLink is a trusted career consultant to every traveler who we have the honor to partner with. Our teams are organized to put our travelers first. Specifically, our recruiters do not report to a member of a sales team, but rather to recruiting managers who are solely dedicated to enhancing the skills of their recruiting team. Our recruiters seek to identify and partner with travelers who want long-term, sustainable career advancement, which means we must prioritize high quality relationships over high quantity. To that end, we train our teams to put our nurses to work for as long as they are willing. We believe in recruiting travelers to ProLink rather than in recruiting to any particular job. This is how we stand apart from our competitors and how we ensure the nurse is treated as a name, not just a number.


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