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I have been working in the Travel nursing industry for 9 years, 8 of that with Medical Solutions. I believe I take a little different approach to this job which makes me different than others. I am a firm believer that no matter what, I want the best for you as a nurse, even if it means I can't help you this time. I want the travelers I work with to know they can trust in me, be open and honest with me, and know that I am here to help.


Medical Solutions
Omaha, NE

At Medical Solutions we treat you as the unique individual you are, paying attention to your specific career path and personal needs. Just check out the mosaic of happy Travelers on our website. We look forward to putting a smile on your face and adding your skill and talent to our Travel Nurse workforce.

Hit the road with Medical Solutions and you’ll experience the best service the travel nursing industry has to offer, plus the adventure, compensation, and excellent benefits you desire and deserve.

We offer temporary RN travel jobs to healthcare professionals at top facilities nationwide, along with paid, pet friendly housing, day-one medical insurance, loyalty and referral bonuses, and tons of other great benefits and resources for travelers in a variety of RN specialties.

Climb aboard if you want to build your career, grow your skills, work against the nursing shortage in jobs where your help is most needed, and explore new locations while on assignment with one of the nation’s top travel nurse companies.

Our awesome Career Consultants realize the importance of both the journey and the destination, and while working with us we promise you’ll have a lot of fun along the way, too!


September 17, 2015

by Danielle Adkisson

I've been traveling for Medical Solutions for the past 5 years and Brad has been my recruiter for the past few years. Brads great, he's a honest recruiter, completely up front about any job and situation you ask him about. He works his hardest to get you want you need/want out of every assignment. Brad makes you feel like a person not a number like other companies, he'll call just to see how life is, like a friend. Even though he loves the Seahawks, I'll keep him around as my recruiter!!!

September 18, 2015

by Emily Gernander

I have been a travel nurse for the past 2 years. I am not your typical young,wild and free travel RN. I have 5 children and an amazing husband that I come home to EVERY week! Brad is an amazing man to have in your corner. He understands what is important to me and my career. Not every job out there is perfect for me but he weeds through the openings and tells me what he thinks would work for me. He is incredibly thoughtful and kind. He is also a straight shooter, you can ask him anything and I am positive he will give you a truthful answer. In my opinion, medical solutions is only a stronger company because Brad Bell is there! He will help you find the perfect spot for you!

September 29, 2015

by Weldon Anderson

Brad has been amazingly helpful. I normally change companies fairly often but, because of Brad, I've stayed with Medical Solutions for almost 2 years now and have no intentions of leaving. He's always prompt in answering any questions and is always available after hours for any question I might have. He is a Seahawks fan but I try not to hold that against him:). I've worked for many different companies all over the country and Brad is the best recruiter I've ever had.

December 12, 2016

by Angela Iledan

I have been a travel RN and with Med Solutions for only 6 months, but it's been an absolute blast. Brad has been prompt and thorough with his responses whenever I have a question, can be easily reached, and is a pleasure to talk to. He has definitely made my first assignment a smooth and memorable experience and I can't wait to what else is in store!

December 12, 2016

by Kaitlin Fisher

Brad is amazing at his job and one of the best recruiters around. He is also a very kind and caring person. He takes the time to get to know his employees as people and truly cares about their best interest. He is honest and will offer advice and support in any situation, work-related or not. Brad is very prompt in answering questions and emails and goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. It's a pleasure working together, and I would recommend Brad to anyone!
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