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Aaron Cohen

Cariant Health Partners

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Aaron’s path to recruiting has been a varied one. He ran an Omaha steakhouse for a decade then settled into the world of car financing for several years before joining Cariant. The thread that ties all of that experience together—”building relationships,” he said. “You have a small window of time to build trust, and after that it’s about being attentive.” As the father of four, three of them girls, Aaron knows something about being attentive. Although he’s slowly getting used to not wearing a tie to work, he is enjoying the laid-back but professional environment of Cariant. Fun fact—Aaron was born in Alaska and his middle name is Winter.



  • We understand the healthcare business. Cariant Health Partners started in 2001 as a sister company to RehabVisions, a contract therapy company founded by Joel Larmore, PT and his wife Sharon, a nurse. Being owned and operated by healthcare professionals, we are familiar with the ever-changing world of healthcare and we understand that patients are your first and foremost priority.


  • We build recruiter relationships. You won't bounce around to multiple recruiters here. The recruiter who helps to find you a position is also your account manager for as long as you work for Cariant. This means weekly check-in calls and help getting licensed in new states. They will also assist with the logistics of getting you settled into each new assignment. They get to know you and your specific needs and wants and are your advocates on the road.


  • We’re authentic. Trust is important to us—and it should be important to you, too. We know you’re putting a big portion of your life in our hands. We work hard to make sure our traveling therapists and nurses are supported, informed and happy. Most importantly, we want you to genuinely trust that we’ll do what we say we’ll do.


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